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Branding is the most important “essential first step” in the path to your business success. Cattle farmers knew this some 4,700 years ago and some still apply these old age tradition today.

According to a Smithsonian.com article, an ancient Egyptian tomb painting depicting a cattle roundup and branding from 2700 BC is the earliest record of livestock branding. There are also allusions to the practice in Roman literature and in the Bible, namely with Jacob the herdsman.

brandingBranding entailed burning a mark on livestock using a hot iron that was burned into the animals hide. It was usually done around the hip of the animal. Each brand was distinct, unique and easily identified. Branding was also used as sign of ownership and a stamp of quality. The owner of the livestock confirmed with this stamp that the cattle was his (claiming ownership), reassuring quality as he took ownership and responsibility by his name.

Branding hasn’t changed much since then. We still brand what is ours, we still claim ownership or responsibility to our brand and we still take pride in our brand. Your brand get represented by your Logo and slogan.

We all know Nike and the slogan? Just do it. This is branding today. Having a Logo designed is essential for any business as it is like a branding iron – identifying you product or service. Putting your stamp of reassurance on your brand.

Ask yourself the following; If somebody visited your website for example and there was no logo, will they still know who you are? If your answer is No, then there is work to do…

Your logo mus be branded. Your logo must go viral together with what you have to offer. Let us take you to the next level by branding your business…

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