Marketing for business

We are all in the business of making money. We all need money to survive and the more we have the better lives we can live. If your business is your livelihood you need to read this because this will change the way you think about your business. We are here to help you grow your business.

A business once opened has in most cases only a limited time to make it in today’s marketplace. A limited shelf live of plus minus six month’s to brand itself. It only makes sense to use these six month’s wisely and grab all the assistance you can get. A business must be able to provide financially all that partake. It must be sustainable in all aspects.

Have you got what is needed to make it a success?

  • You need commitment and patience. A business in most cases doesn’t deliver success overnight. It requires dedication and the willingness to adapt to changing environments.
  • Have you got a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy is the cornerstone of your business. Without it you’ll be going nowhere slowly. Not having one is like driving in Johannesburg without navigation.
  • Have you got a way of exposing your business to the world? This is the first question I normally ask. How do you market and how effective has it been. Knowing this is essential as you have to change what is not working. Adapt and change is the keyword. It doesn’t help you advertise for example on Facebook’s elderly group if you are selling baby toys. Yes you’ll get some business but only from the grandparents.
  • What is your target market?  Do you know your client and do you know where to find him?
  • Do you have everything to convince your prospective client to make use of you? Are you looking like a fly-by-night or do you portray confidence in what you offer.
You need to have the following in place and it is not negotiable
  • A professionally made Logo
  • Is all your stationery up to date? Have you got a invoice/receipt book with your contact details for repeat business?
  • Is your business card professionally designed or is it something you printed at home. Business cards in most cases is a client’s first impression of who you are and what you are offering.  Giving them a business card that is wrinkled or bent will convey the message that your service delivery will be the same.
  • Have you got a email address that is linked to your business or are you using gmail? Having a email linked to your business helps building brand confidence.
  • A website builds relationships. A website that impress will result in consumers referring consumers thus exposing your business to thousands of consumers by a way of word-by-mouth.
  • Flyers or printed media like a brochure that the client can take home for later viewing. These can also be circulated between friends and family.
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