SEO or otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization in South Africa

Let us face the facts they old way of doing advertising just does not work as effectively as it did in the past.
In most classified ads in newspapers I just see those scam adverts where they say get your ex back or get money into your bank the same day.
If I knew how to get money in my account by doing nothing, Why would I need to sell this service asking for money.
I could just make money myself and sit and relax on a island on some exotic location somewhere.

Then we all know that we have television and radio ads but they are also dwindling in popularity and they are also not affordable for the average business out there.
The problem I have with these kind of services are that you have to spend so much damn money and don’t know if you will get anything in return.

Think about this – Most people stream information nowadays.Look how big platforms like Netflix has become. Even Youtube has started providing a paid service where they will provide exclusive content like certain television shows and more.
Then with services like a PVR most people skip ads so advertisers pay big money for ads but lots of people don’t even see it.

Things like local radio has got a need in the market but I also see it changing moving forward.The younger generation don’t listen to radio like the older generation does.So I see advertising not doing well on this platform moving forward.
cybercreations seo

Think how powerful search traffic is…. When someone has a problem or needs a service they just type what they need into Google and it comes up with 1000s of pages of results.
Problem for business owners is that if you are on the second page or lower on Google, people will not see your business and you will not make the sales or get the calls compared to what your competitors do which ranks on the 1st page of Google.

Anybody that has had a website for awhile knows by now that getting traffic to it does not happen overnight and building trust and good content onto your site is extremely important.
We have had several cases in the past where people come to us and show us their websites and then ask us why they don’t get any calls or leads from their sites.

We then ask them on how they are promoting their content and getting people to their sites.
Most of the times they don’t have much information on their website and they are also nowhere to be found in the search engines.
The problem we pick up is that lost of people get sites developed and then just don’t do much with them afterwards but they expect to get customers to their site.

Also some people are told that their site is SEO optimized and that they will then just rank in Google. It does happens sometimes that a site will rank pretty easily for a keyword but this is mostly in very low competitive markets and keywords that are not searched for often.

What we would like to do is offer SEO packages that will help local business and service providers to rank better in Google so that they can get more leads that can mean more revenue.