Search Engine Optimization – Greek word for the most Website owners. This is not a nice-to-know word but an essential have-to-know word. This will result in your online business being a success or not and this is not a sales foefie or some mumbo jumbu. This is just truth and fact.

Let’s look at your experience as a web user. You go into google and you search for something using some keywords. You press the search bar and Google populates the page with the most relevant sites according to the keywords that you entered.

“The success of every websites now depends on search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategy. If you are on first page of all major search engines then you are ahead among your competitors in terms of online sales.”

These sites that are on the first page have adjusted their pages to be on the first page of Google. Google did not select them randomly to be on the first page. These pages have been Search Engine Optimized. SEO has been applied to get them there.

SEO is a process of applying different techniques to get a website there. In laments terms Google works like our human population. The more people talk about you the more you are known, the more popular you are, or so it seems. If nobody talks about you then obviously the less known you are.

Step 1

A website starts with content. The more content you have the more relevant you are. Google has spiders that crawl your site looking for unique content. Content that differentiate your content from other websites. While these spiders crawl your website it also looks for easy identifiable keywords that it can use to categorize the website. Say for example you are a supplier of Skip Bins in the Centurion area.

Just by saying that you supply Skip Bins in the Centurion area is not enough. This will never get you on the first page of Google. If you know go to Google and type in these keywords you will easily see about 60 different companies using these search terms. Your site on the first page or Home page need these keywords repeated a certain amount of times relative to the amount of words that is on the homepage. Adding one keyword to many can penalize your ranking. Website content needs to be analysed by a SEO expert and never be attempted by a site owner, because Google can penalize you by throwing your site in the sandbox and this means that your website will not show up anywhere in any search results.

Best practice is selecting keywords relative to your service or product for example one of our keywords are web design pretoria, but if you are offering Skip Bins in Centurion you will use keywords like “skip bins centurion” skip bins for hire centurion” “cheap skip bins centurion” etc.

Step 2

Once your website’s content is up and running, it doesn’t mean it is going to show on Google. It it means is that the content has been optimized.

The next step is to get the website indexed or noticed. Remember that millions of websites get created each and every day and your website have to compete with these millions of websites. You have to work to get noticed in life. If you work hard at work you get noticed and then if everything works according to plan you get promoted.

Google rely on exactly the same approach. Only websites that does everything right and promote themselves in the right way will get noticed. This step is all about self promotion. Your website needs to be the talk of the town. All avenues has to be utilized for this to work.

Using Social Media Marketing is one way but not the most effective as it might drive visitors to your site for a while but is not a long term solution. The most sustainable solution to get your website on Google’s first page is to associate your website with…

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