Web Functionality

Technology has come such a long way. Gone are the days of “normal” business hours.

Technology enable us to instantly connect with our customers on a huge variety of platforms. We can connect via telephone. This has been around for ages and then came the social favourite “Facebook” whereby a customer could look at a businesses profile and leave messages. Facebook then took this function a little bit further and created “messenger”. This enabled the customer to send the owner a text even after hours. This enabled the owner to connect with the customer in a one-to-one conversation. Answering questions, product inquiries, dealing with complaints etc. could be sorted out in minutes.

Then we had Twitter. I personally think that businesses under evaluate the benefits that Twitter can add to a business. Let me share; say for example you have a catering business and you have a ONLY 150 regular customers. These customers order products such as ready made meals, platters, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, spit braai’s, function catering etc.  If your company can get these 150 customers to follow you on their Twitter account you can use this medium to advertise your specials. You can for example decide to send a message to all your followers “March madness; All savory platters on special. Only R280 per platter, Contact Claire to order on 012 123 2732” . 

This Tweet will immediately be seen by all 150 customers. If only 20% of these customers order this special it means that 30 customers will order platters of 2 or more. Say that they only order 2 each. That will bring in an additional R16 400 that month. For a small catering business that might be the difference between a good and a bad month. This might be the boost that you need.

Now in 2018 we can even start utilizing our websites more effectively with the implementation of Whatsapp and Messenger. Yes, you can now have your customers contact you directly from your website.

These platforms are truly fantastic in building customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty if it is applied and utilized correctly. Miss managed and it can lead to disaster.

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