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Redesign, Maintenance or a New Website – we do it all. Working on websites since 2003 makes us arrogant enough to say “we’ve done it all, and in some instances done it twice”

Web Design Pretoria offers Web Design Services to individuals, small businesses and organizations in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.. Our saying of  “Now, everyone can afford a website” comes true in our truly affordable payment plans from as little as R500 per month.

A website these days are not just a “nice to have”. It is an essential part of any business, whether it be small or big. When marketing a product to a customer, the question will always come “what is your website address?”

Be prepared. Let your customer experience your goods and services via your professional website design. Let your website do the talking and selling if you are not around. Your website can be the best representative you’ll ever have if it is done correctly.

Why a Professional Website Design

If you don’t know why, here are some pointers to consider.

  • This is the twenty-first Century and If you don’t have a website, you’re losing to companies that do.
  • Companies that do have websites are more seen as established, trusted and stable.
  • A website is open 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year!!! A website is always up, every second of every day, everywhere in the world. It’s a salesman who never sleeps.
  • Your customers can get all the details you want them to have, opening times, contact numbers etc.
    Connect with your customers.
  • Your potential customers can see your website at their own comfort and convenience, whenever and wherever they want. An online presence helps them learn about you without having to flip through the phonebook or physically finding your location and no pushy salesmen.
  • Your website can answer all of their questions immediately and conveniently.
  • Your website can showcase all your products, customers can order online, make bookings etc.
  • A usable, informative and well-designed website helps businesses to compete with bigger companies.
  • A website can help you get noticed and customers can write testimonials that will influence credibility of your service/product.
  • A professionally created website displays quality and boost customer confidence, whereas a poorly developed website will lower confidence.

Website Design Need To Know

To have a website you need:

  • A domain name: You need to register a domain for your business to be showcased on. It needs to be relative to your business for example if your company name is Smart Cookies you can register the website as http://www.smartcookies.co.za. This registering of the domain is done once but you need to renew it every year. The cost of such a registration is about R90 per year.
  • Hosting: A website needs hosting to stay on the internet, and is a monthly expense. Your hosting company allocate a certain amount of space for a website domain. This amount is determined by the amount of space that is required starting at about R40.

The Design Process

We love function and purpose as much as beauty and creativity, and call on them all to help us make great ideas that look the business. We also love coffee.

Our approach to each project is the same. We listen carefully, ask the right questions and don’t ask them twice. Then we sit down and think hard about the answers before we do anything else –maybe get a coffee first though.

We do research on every web design. We look at similar websites and what they did and then do it better. The work we produce is all the better for it. Our design is tasked and our brands have stories. We know how to engage, inform and entice response from those you seek through meaningful messages delivered in new and interesting ways.

From design work to websites, brands and beyond, if you have a project that we might be able to help with or an idea you’d like to discuss then we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Meet – the first consultation whether in person, skype or telephone gives us the opportunity to get to know you, what you are passionate about and what direction you want to take your project.
  2. Develop – Once all the info is gathered we start with the creative juices and put functionality and beauty in place. If it is a website design we design live on your server enabling you to see the progress as we put all the pieces together. This is why it’s important to receive ALL info before we start.
  3. Deploy -Time to test and show your site to the world. Working closely with you making sure that you are happy and that your site is working exactly as you want it.
What we need from you
  • Your logo: Your logo is cornerstone content as the website design is build around it. Incorporating color and fonts into the website.
  • Content to populate the pages. If it is a standard static website we’ll need info to populate the home page (about 750 words), about us page together with a mission and vision brief, services page, frequently asked questions, testimonials if you have.
  • Images that can be used on the website.
  • Products on offer
  • Contact information together with geo location. Latitude and Longitude.
  • If you have opt for the incorporation of Search Engine Optimization we’ll also need 10 targeted keywords that we can incorporate into the design.

Let us help you present your best face to the world.

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