Building the perfect site

What define the perfect website? Is it the design? Is it the layout? Is it the content? Is it the graphic design or the fact that it is search engine optimized?

It is all of the above. As a webdesign company we know that your business have only 3 minutes to draw your customers attention and that it is imperative to KEEP IT. It is only by keeping your customer on your site that you’ll be able to sell your product or service.

A website designer can use various platforms these days to design a website. Websites used to be designed in a code named html. Websites nowadays can be developed on a variety of different platforms. The most used are Joomla and WordPress although Magento and Presta shop is not far behind.

Each of these platforms are used or chosen for their area of expertise. WordPress is the most popular one as it is the most friendly to learn by the end user. You as an owner will be able to manage your website the moment it is finished.


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